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We regret to announce the passing of retired K-9 "Bady" -
The Little Rock Police K-9 Association regrets to announce that retired K-9 "Bady" passed away Saturday evening.  K-9 Bady served and protected Ofc. Pritchett and the citizens of Little Rock from February 14th, 2006 until his retirement on April 30th, 2015.  He had been living in pampered retirement with his partner, Ofc. Laura Pritchett since his retirement.  On the evening of Saturday, February 13th, 2016, after a full day of playing in the back yard with the neighbor's dogs, Ofc. Pritchett noticed that Bady wasn't feeling well.  She took him to the Vet's office where they found that he was bleeding internally as a result of what appeared to be a tumor on Bady's spleen.  After consulting with the Doctors, it was determined that there was no treatment available to cure Bady and anything that could be done would only extend Bady's pain.  Ofc. Pritchett made the difficult decision to do what was best for her retired partner and end his suffering.  Bady passed away quietly with Ofc. Pritchett by his side.  Please keep Ofc. Pritchett in your thoughts and prayers during her time of mourning.  We wish Bady God's speed as he crosses the rainbow bridge.       
With heavy heart we announce the passing of K-9 Titus -
On Wednesday, July 15th, Officer Farmer deployed Titus in order to track down and apprehend an auto B & E suspect that had led Officers in a brief vehicle pursuit.  After approximately 30 minutes of tracking and area searches, Titus located and apprehended the suspect that was hiding in some bushes.  After the successful apprehension and returning to the air conditioned vehicle, Officer Farmer noticed that Titus was suffering from heat stress.  He immediately responded to Briarwood Animal Hospital for treatment.  While there, they were able to bring Titus's temperature down.  He was then referred to the After Hours Animal Clinic for further treatment.  Unfortunately, Titus began to suffer complications and the very difficult decision was made to end his suffering.  A Memorial will be held at 11:30 am on Monday, July 27th 2015 at Immanuel Baptist Church, 501 N. Shackleford Road, Little Rock.   
We are saddened to announce K-9 "Chewy's" sudden passing -
The Little Rock Police K-9 Association is sad to announce the passing of K-9 "Chewy".  Officer Harrington noticed her partner, Chewy, was not behaving normally Sunday morning and rushed him to the emergency Vet clinic where blood tests and ultrasounds revealed that Chewy had several fast-growing tumors that were depleting his blood supply.  Officer Harrington consulted with several of the Vets and it was determined that there was nothing that could be done to cure Chewy and that any treatment would prolong his pain.  Officer Harrington made the difficult decision to honor Chewy's years of service and protection to her, his fellow Officers and the citizens of the City of Little Rock, and end his suffering.  Chewy passed away quietly with Officer Harrington at his side.  Chewy will have a private cremation service and Officer Harrington will keep his ashes at home.  Please keep Officer Harrington in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.    
K-9 Jeri retires -

K-9 Jeri has retired and is now living the life of a pampered pet with Officer Shippee.  Jeri is almost ten years old and had begun showing his age.  Since Sgt. Hutchins was also retiring, it was decided that Officer Shippee would "inherit" K-9 Duke and they have begun the process of bonding and training together.  We wish K-9 Jeri a long and happy retirement.

K-9 Rocky sniffs out Cocaine and Crystal Meth -

Members of the Little Rock Narcotics and SWAT Units excuted a Search and Seizure Warrant on W. 38th Street and called for K-9 Rocky's assistance in sniffing for hidden narcotics.  K-9 Rocky located over a Kilogram of powder Cocaine and a pound of "Ice" Cryatal Methamphetamine inside a smoker in the back yard.  The street value of this seizure is estimated to be $150,000.

The Land of PureGold -

Read here about the Land of PureGold Foundation, the way they helped with Xantho's cancer treatment and the work they are doing to raise canine cancer awareness and to fund cancer research.

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The Little Rock Police K-9 Association is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit* organization that was formed to assist in the care of retired police service dogs, provide additional training and equipment for police service dogs and their handlers, and furnish death benefits for the police canines.  The Little Rock Police K-9 Association also strives to educate and promote the use of police service dogs in the community by performing canine demonstrations for schools, civic and church groups as well as appearing at special events.  



The members of the Little Rock Police K-9 Association recognize that maintaining a Police K-9 Unit is an expensive endeavor and unfortunately, due to restrictive budgets, the Cities involved are not financially able to cover many of these costs.  It is our goal to honor the life-long service that these dogs give, with a merely a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ear as their only rewards, by raising funds to support them in retirement as well as at the time of their death.

While not officially associated with the Little Rock Police Department or the City of Little Rock, the Little Rock Police K-9 Association strives to reflect a positive image of both.






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